Marcello Parodi.
Alan Moore.
God I love them both. They're best friends and I can't choose between either of them. Alan is hot. Extremely hot. Marc is silly, and dopey, like I like guys. Alan, I guess I'm more partial to. Marc is kinda cute, I guess, he's more of a easygoing person, whereas, Alan is kinda Christian.
It's great. Lovely, choose between the dude with the rattail, or the Jesus Freak. You'd think I would laugh at the person who actually had feelings for either one of these guys.
hahahahaha and laughing I am.
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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...

isn't this so unheavenly? oh well...
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.....

isn't it lovely? colorful language...
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...shit hell

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::drools at icon of DJ at DJ Qualls Community::
::drools a few more minutes::
::may stop at any moment...have faith::
*someone snaps their fingers in front of her face*
::blinks and is suddenly back to normal::
Uhm...it's not that I like Deej.
No, no not at all. Don't like him at all! I mean come on, that smooth voice, that cute face, those eyes, those lips....::drooool::
*someone snaps again*
Oh..heheh um...no..don't like him at all. I mean...

I love him.
No, I ADORE him.
Maybe that's a little strange? I RP him too. Yes. I'm so obsessed that I AM him. ::smiles:: I'm also not crazy. But these guys in white say I only have a few minutes more on the hospital's computer before I have to go back to my safe soft cell.
And it's not that I mind the cell or anything. It's a nice cell. They made it nice and clean and white. I heard the last girl that was in there found a way out of her specially designed jacket and strangled herself with it. Nuh uh, would happen to me.

Anyways, I hope DJ meets me at the flagpole in a few hours. I have to get last night's homework. I know he has it, Mr. Qualls is so tenacious. He's my teacher and he's a student. And he has a pet monkey that I call dolly. We get along. But then the men in white give me a little shock again, and then I'm already back at the hospital. I say, "That was fast."

im me at FearlessGaia15 when they let me out of my cell tomorrow night. We'll talk more then!